G-Rap, Doughnuts, and Lepers

G-Rap, Cool City, Doughnuts, and Lepers In the Old Testament book of Leviticus in the Bible, laws and ways of living are described for the Israelites. It was extremely important that the leaders did not become unclean. Being unclean meant that you were not fit to worship God. One could become unclean is many ways […]

Is it working?

Twenty-one years ago, I had the opportunity to accompany a friend and his girlfriend’s father—Bob—on a mission trip. A couple of times each year, Bob would collect medical supplies and then deliver them to a mission group in Mexico. I knew I would be impacted by the trip, but what I didn’t know is that […]

Is this what God is like?

On the way to work today I made a mistake. I turned my radio to talk radio. The subject of the day on this popular local radio program was Tiger Woods. Tiger is back!  He is once again ranked number 1 in the golfing world. He is winning competitions. So the question of the day? Do […]

Value Meal Religion

So, not long ago I attended a conference.  The conference was to begin on Sunday night, but prior to the official opening there was a worship service in the early afternoon, to “set the tone for the conference.” The service was advertised as including communion or the eucharist. As the service went on, many people, “legends […]


A couple of years ago I was teaching a class for a local university. I gave the students an assignment. I asked them to identify people who did not know them well such as a waitress at a restaurant, someone in the grocery line, a fellow parent at a soccer game, etc. and ask the person one […]